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The APC Handling team consists of a group of dedicated professionals with the passion to make a difference for our customers every day. With many years of international experience in the forwarding of perishable goods, we understand the challenges our customers are facing, and we know better than anyone what it takes to get fresh products moving in optimal condition. Within APC our vision is to offer one dedicated contact person for our customers. They oversee the entire process, act proactively and provide quick answers to any enquiry.


Our team

Magdalena Stefanska | Sales & operational Key Account manager | mstefanska@iphandlers.nl | 0297-747232

Rene Baan | Sales manager | rbaan@iphandlers.nl |
+31 (

George Tsjilingarian | Airfreight export manager | gtsjilingarian@iphandlers.nl | 0297-747224

Bob Helsloot | Operational Excellence & Business Development | bhelsloot@iphandlers.nl | 0297-747247

Ronald Vis | Operational Key Accountmanager | rbaan@iphandlers.nl | 0297-747233

Jan Dobbe | Manager team Vrijmakers

Alina Pajdak | Operational Key Accountmanager | europe@iphandlers.nl | 0297-747299

Aldo Shehu | Warehouse manager

Fatih Kaya | Operational Key Accountmanager | europe@iphandlers.nl | 0297-747299

Noordpolderweg 13

1432 JH Aalsmeer

The Netherlands

0297 747 299