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A carefree delivery of your fresh products in 4 steps:

Step 1

APC is informed by the shippers’forwarding agency from the country of origin of the expected shipments. APC makes a schedule to collect the freight at the right time from the various freight handlers. If necessary, NVWA or KCB inspections are also scheduled. This is where the import process starts.

Step 2

As soon as the cargo has arrived at the airport, our team of ‘vrijmakers’ gets to work. They ensure that the goods are processed as quickly as possible by the airlines, are picked up by APC and transported directly to the APC warehouse. This crucial service ensures the fastest import handling.

Step 3

When entering the APC warehouse, the quality of the packaging and the temperature of the goods are checked. Is the temperature too high? Then the goods are quickly cooled again. The refrigerated storage and the re-cooling stops and delays the ripening, this ensures optimal freshness and shelf life. When necessary, the cargo is re stacked, inspected and finally prepared for departure.

Step 4

The cargo leaves the APC warehouse as quickly as possible. Our refrigerated trucks deliver the shipments to the customer at the right conditions. If required, to ensure that the customer can close the file the same day, APC immediately provides an error-free invoice.

Overview APC services


With 6,000 m2 of acclimatized cooling rooms, APC Handling is one of the largest players in the handling of vegetables, fruit and other fresh products in international air freight traffic.


Our warehouse is designed in such a way that the layout is flexible. With multiple, separate refrigerated units, that are set to different temperatures. This greatly increases our flexibility and level of service to our customers. In addition, our location is very central, directly adjacent to Schiphol and surrounding highways.


Export Air freight

APC has an experienced and specialized team for export air freight. We provide perishable air freight shipments to virtually all destinations around the world. Our air freight export portfolio includes collection from the customer, security screening, the entire administrative processing, airline communication and delivery to the airline. If required, we can also insulate freight for the customer, including dry ice or gel packs. Conversion of freight and temporary storage are also possible.


Thanks to the good relationship we have with the airlines, we are able to find good solutions for the requirements and challenges our customer may encounter.


APC has a specialized custom back office with certified declarants to be able to offer almost all services. Of course, according to the AEO certification method. This is done according to the most advanced systems and in accordance with all up-to-date regulations, so we are always at the forefront in the field of customs matters.


Our operational team is also in possession of a declarants’ license. This gives our customers a direct point of contact for all questions, and they enjoy the advantage that our ops team retains full ownership (processing shipment from A to Z) of every shipment. In this way, APC offers maximum service and short lines.


Every day we take care of T1 documents, customs declarations, fiscal representation, all inspection-related matters and re-export formalities, including certificates.


Our Transit department provides a unique service. Many flowers and fruit that arrive in the Netherlands are ultimately destined for countries far outside the EU. Think of Russia, the Baltic States and beyond…


We have a dedicated team specifically for receiving, guiding, re-inspecting and documenting this type of cargo. They ensure that so-called transit freight stays in the Netherlands for as short a time as possible and that the correct transit procedures are followed.


These shipments then arrive at their final destination, provided with the correct treatment, inspections and certificates. Our transit team almost always speaks the language of the recipient countries, with which we guarantee optimal communication and a high service level.

Import handling

The first step is to receive the shipments of fresh products. The products arrive from abroad via Schiphol or surrounding European airports. Our import team, in consultation with our dedicated team of ‘vrijmakers’, ensures the correct planning for the quickest and most efficient collection of cargo from the respective airline. This distinguishes APC from others.


In advance, APC plans sufficient transport capacity, warehouse personnel, customs formalities and possible inspections by the relevant government authorities at our location (NVWA / KCB). When our trucks deliver the shipments to APC Handling, a general quality control (damage, temperature) is issued and we make sure that the shipments are treated according to the customer’s specific needs.


This can be: neatly (re)stacking on pallets, splitting, sorting, temporary storage in our multi-temperature warehouse and all other possible requirements. We also take care of customs and inspection formalities.

If the temperature of products is too high, we (in collaboration with the customer) offer various techniques to cool the products back neatly and responsibly. We do this by so-called blast cooling (or forced air cooling) and vacuum cooling.

Based on the product and in consultation with the customer, we choose the cooling method and the most ideal temperature. APC has sufficient cooling options (approx. 50,000 kilos per hour), so that overheated shipments always have the desired temperature before they are delivered or collected. This prevents any ripening or decay is prevented and freshness and shelve life is preserved.


As soon as the shipment is in the condition as desired by the customer, we ensure that it is delivered or collected as soon as possible. Our refrigerated cars deliver throughout the country and beyond. Our customers have a dedicated contact person who coordinates everything and to whom they can ask anything. Personal and efficient customer experience!


The large degree of knowledge and experience of our import team makes all this possible. In addition to personal contact during this entire import process, the customer can also monitor via our real-time track and trace system.

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