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Vegetables and fruit

The variety of fruits and vegetables handled by APC Handling from around the world is endless. The most common products are mangoes, avocados, asparagus, papayas, pineapple, beans and herbs. Each specie has its own characteristic and asks for a specific treatment. This is very important to preserve freshness, also known as shelve life. Thanks to the multi-temperature cooling facilities and various cooling techniques, APC Handling is able to offer these services in a BRC certified environment.


Depending on the product and the condition in which it arrives at APC Handling, the correct storage location is chosen and, if applicable, the correct cooling technique is applied. Cooling can be done via so-called blast cooling or vacuum cooling. Blast cooling is used for cooling in a gradual way, for more sensitive products. Should the cooling be a lot more intensive and faster, this can be done by means of vacuum cooling.


Freshness guaranteed.


A lot of fresh salmon is produced and shipped from Norway, destined for international exports. After all, Norwegian salmon is consumed worldwide. Much of this salmon is shipped by air freight via Schiphol. In that case, the salmon is transported from the farms to Schiphol by refrigerated truck. APC receives Norwegian salmon every week. We ensure that the salmon is provided with the correct export documentation and take care of the proper building of ULD’s before presenting them ‘ready for carriage’ to the relevant airline.


The salmon is shipped in special insulating boxes with ice. It is very important that the products remain cool. Thanks to the multi-temperature cooling facilities, APC Handling is able to offer these services at the most optimal temperature. Freshness guaranteed.


APC Handling receives a lot of fresh herbs from various countries. These herbs mainly come from Kenya and Israel, but also from Colombia or Thailand, for example. The main herbs imported by air freight are basil, rosemary, dill, mint, chives and tarragon. Herbs are extremely delicate and temperature sensitive.

It is essential that the correct temperature is reached when APC Handling is in possession of these goods before they are delivered to the customers.


We use blast cooling as a solution for this. The herbs most in need of the lowest possible temperature are rosemary, mint, chives, dill and tarragon. Thanks to the blast cooling technique, rapid cooling is a very safe and quality-enhancing technique.


Meat that is shipped by air freight must be handled as quickly and as cold as possible. We process high-quality meat products such as Wagyu beef. After the meat has been inspected and approved by the NVWA authorities, it is vital, that the goods stay at APC as short and cold as possible. In this way, the freshness is guaranteed until the moment of delivery to the customer. APC Handling is able to handle and deliver fresh meat under the right condition.

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